Great Stories? Tell Them.

November 16, 2015

"Great stories happen to those who can tell them." --Ira Glass


Gone are the days when a simple call to action could attract and engage a constituent or consumer. Today's media pushes so much at people online, only a great story to start a conversation about a cause.  supporter engagement requires pulling people into your story with interesting content. Interesting content means great storytelling, and great storytelling sets the intention for that great story to become, you.


Using a mulitmedia approach to storytelling is truly the most impactful way to connect with the people you are trying to build community. To put some muscle behind that statement, we've done a deep dive into some of the best nonprofit media content out there. This content not only captures the basics of storytelling, it also inspires action through the visualization of touching, personal causes that make us all want to help in whatever way we can.


Here are some of the best video stories we've seen, along with the impact they've had. The stories are so well told, to pick apart their production seems gratuitious so we'll let you just watch them unfold so you can witness their flow and learn by example.


Rachel Beckwith's Mom Visits Ethopia: Charity Water

Raised over $1.2 million which is now helping 37,770 people get access to clean water in Ethiopia. 



I Believe in Play: KaBOOM!

In partnership with Mattel, KaBOOM! tells a story about the importance of play in children's lives through the eyes of a child.




Smoking Kid:  Thai Health Foundation

Over 5 Million views in 10 days.  This story shows how the power of a child and the silence of a note can impact thousands of lives.



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